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Academic Events

The variety foreign language editions of Wang Xiaoxi’s book--- is published

The book---《 On Moral capital》,written by Wang Xiaoxi, who is the Professor of Nanjing normal university ,doctoral tutor ,and the vice President of Chinese Association For Ethical Studies ,was published by the German Springer (Springer) press for the global publishing as the first batch of foreign language translation project in Jiangsu province in 2015, The publication of English version of the book has attracted the attention of the international academic community and the publishing industry .Since 2016,the Japanese and Serbian version of this book has been published  based on English version. This shows that our country has the original value of the concept of moral capital and has a certain academic influence in the international community. So professor Wang Xiaoxi will go to Tokyo at the invitation of the Japanese business ethics and make a academic speech on the concept of moral capital.

 《 On Moral capital》is the  phased research result of professor Wang Xiaoxi, he said that he will research on the theory and practice of moral capital problem further, and further extends the research of moral capital in the research work of "China's economic ethics thought", which is under the auspices of the national social science major bidding project, and provides sufficient thought history resources for moral capital theory .At the same time, At the same time, by the use of the country's first enterprise moral and cultural construction think tank –the platform of "China Ethics Institute of “Jinshiyuan” enterprise ethics culture institute" , organizing economic ethics research team to carry out a wide range of social surveys ,On the basis of the early stage of the initial structure of enterprise moral management and evaluation index system , continuing the applied research of China's economic ethics and moral capital  , hoping for China's economic development and enterprise construction to provide services.