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Academic Events

Thematic Training of Ppractice and Policy Courses丨Tang Zhongbao: Do not Forget the Original Ideal and Ambition to Remember the Mission

On the afternoon of July 4, 2019, Professor Tang Zhongbao of Marxism College of Jiangnan University was invited to give a lecture on "the original ideal and ambition, bearing in mind the mission" at the 542 venue of Xing Minlou. More than 200 teachers from nearly 100 different colleges and universities across the country listened to the lecture, and the response was enthusiastic.

The training is sponsored by the propaganda Department of Jiangsu Provincial CPC Committee, Jiangsu Provincial Education Department, Jiangsu University ideological and political Theory Teaching steering Committee, Jiangsu Province "situation and Policy" and "Contemporary World economy and Politics" teaching steering committee, Nanjing normal University Marxism School, Nanjing University Press. Among them, Professor Tang Zhongbao focuses on the theme of "the initial heart and mission of the Chinese Communists". From the three dimensions of theoretical dimension, historical dimension and practical dimension, Professor Tang Zhongbao carries out training content on "how to look at the initial heart and mission". 

First of all, Professor Tang opened his speech, taking "the original heart and mission of the Chinese Communists, that is, to seek happiness for the Chinese people and rejuvenation of the Chinese nation" as the purport, combining the nature and purpose of the Party, the supreme ideal of the Party and the ultimate goal, combined with the "Yellow vest Movement" in France. "where has Xi Jinping been on the eve of the Spring Festival in recent years?" The specific political events such as the theoretical dimension of the party's initial heart and mission are discussed in detail, and on the theoretical dimension of the enlightenment, we should treat contemporary youth rationally; then, Professor Tang said, "how to save the country in modern China?" Why did serious twists and turns occur after the founding of the people's Republic of China? " "through the introduction of historical events and historical figures, this paper clarifies the original heart and mission of the historical dimension party, and points out the enlightenment of the historical dimension: we should look at the Chinese people rationally; Finally, Professor Tang discussed how to adhere to the original heart and mission of the Party, summed up that we should persist in deepening reform in an all-round way, persist in ensuring and improving people's livelihood in development, and persist in promoting the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind. At the same time, he put forward a rational view of China and the West on the enlightenment of practical dimensions.

Throughout the lecture, Professor Tang used humorous language, vivid examples, rich and pluralistic characters, closely following the original heart and mission of the Party, showing a bright theme, rich connotation, comprehensive and systematic ideological and political theory class, showing his profound knowledge, profound academic education, extensive knowledge and excellent personality charm, and brought a wonderful "academic feast" to the participating teachers. We have a deeper understanding of the original heart and mission of the Party, made clear the mission of educators in the new era, and inspired the vast number of teachers to shoulder their responsibilities bravely and to sharpen their spiritual strength and conscious action.