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To make friends by writing, to understand Tao by thinking

——Highlights of the second reading meeting

On the evening of November 25, 2020, the second issue of "reading conference" was successfully held in xingminlou 540, which was sponsored by the school of Marxism of Nanjing Normal University. This issue of "reading meeting" is presided over by Mr. Wang Zhiqiang, and reviewed by Mr. Xu Yaqing and 2019 doctoral student Wang Dong. Five students gave a wonderful speech report around the theme, and more than 30 students attended to listen. Let's review the wonderful moments of this activity.

At the beginning of the activity, Mr. Wang Zhiqiang briefly explained the content and significance of the topic selection of this issue of "reading meeting". He pointed out that under the background of the new era, it is of great value to study "the advantages of the Communist Party of China and China's system" based on the problem. By reading the relevant literature, we can help students understand the frontier hot spots of the proposition in the academic circle, and expand the perspective of theoretical research.

01 Zhang Shangqing, a 2019 master's degree student.Focusing on the article "significant advantages of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics and international comparison"

 Zhang Shangqing closely followed the text and explained the article from the perspectives of problem consciousness and innovation, main structure and academic viewpoints, research methods and demonstration methods. The content of the report is clear and logical.

02 Wang linling, a 2020 graduate student Focusing on the article "the historical evolution of the construction of institutional advantage discourse in New China"

Wang linling focuses on the etymology and evolution of the word "Discourse", so that students have a clearer understanding of the construction of the discourse of institutional advantage in New China.

03 Zheng Wenjie, a master's degree candidate in 2020 -- "one country, two systems" in the context of political philosophy

Zheng Wenjie explored his own way to explain the inner logic of "one country, two systems" to the students in the philosophical context. On the premise of deeply grasping the essence of "one country, two systems", he revealed the necessity of adhering to "one country, two systems" in the new era. The report has a novel perspective, concise language and thorough analysis.

04 Wu Guiqin, master's degree 2020: institutional advantages and ways of success of the leadership of the Communist Party of China since the founding of new China

Focusing on the great achievements made in China's development since the founding of the people's Republic of China, Wu Guiqin clearly explained to the students present that it is the greatest advantage of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics to continue to adhere to the leadership of the party in the new era, which is the most essential feature of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

05 Cui Yaling, a master's degree student in 2020.On the basis of grasping the proposition that "the party is the leader of everything"

Cui Yaling briefly analyzed the specific connotation, historical significance and contemporary value of the proposition. The reporting idea is clear and the structure is complete.


Finally, the three reviewers gave a pertinent evaluation of each student's report, and combined with their own academic experience, they shared their experience from the aspects of literature screening, reading methods, paper submission and so on, and put forward valuable suggestions.

The end

Through this activity, the students not only have a more profound understanding and understanding of the proposition of "the advantages of the Communist Party of China and China's system"; at the same time, they have accumulated the methods and skills of literature reading and writing, and have gained resonance in mutual communication and advanced in thinking collision.

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