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Academic Events

Wang Yanwen, Standing Committee of Jiangsu Provincial Committee and Minister of Propaganda Department, came to the university to investigate and guide the co-construction of the Ministry and the school.

On the morning of December 19, Standing Committee of Jiangsu Provincial Committee and Minister of Publicity Department, Wang Yanwen, Deputy Minister of Propaganda Department of Provincial Party Committee, Yang Liqun, Member of the Ministry of Propaganda of the Provincial Party Committee, Zhao Jinsong, Director of the Theoretical Department of the Propaganda Department of the Provincial Party Committee, Shang Qingfei came to Suiyuan Campus of Nan jing Normal University and co-construct with the Research Department of the Campus. Minister Wang's delegation held in-depth discussions with teachers and students of the College of Journalism and Communication and the Marxist College.. Hu Minqiang, Secretary of the Party Committee, Shang Hongbo, Vice-Secretary of the Party Committee, Sun Youlian, vice-president of the Party Committee, Zhang Lianhong, Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Minister of Propaganda, leading officers and teachers'representatives of Journalism and Communication College and Marxist College participated in the discussion. The symposium was chaired by Hu Minqiang.

At the Symposium of the Marxist College, Wang Gang, president of the College, reported on the construction of the College and the next work ideas. Delegates of the participating teachers talked freely about their work experience and suggestions on the current key work of College construction. After listening carefully to the situation of the Marxist College, Wang Yanwen fully affirmed the achievements made in the construction of the College and the efforts made by the College and the College to declare the "National Key Horse Academy", and emphasized that strengthening the construction of the College of Marxism is of great significance to the ideological and political work of colleges and universities in the new era. Wang Yanwen put forward four requirements for the co-construction of the Marxist College: first, we should adhere to the surname of Ma Yuan, make great efforts in the research, interpretation and propaganda of the socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping's new era, and promote the sinicization, modernization and popularization of Marxism; second, we should complete the important mission of educating new people, improve the personnel training system, improve the quality of training and take on the responsibility of training. Third, we should strengthen the construction of teachers, persist in training and retaining talents, promote the co-construction and sharing of high-quality teaching resources, and support high-quality development with high-level talents. Fourth, to achieve high-quality resource sharing, do a good job of typical and demonstration, radiate more universities with high-quality teaching resources, and promote the characteristics and achievements of the co-construction throughout the country.

In the summary, Hu Minqiang said that the school should earnestly study and deeply understand the spirit of Minister Wang Yanwen's speech, forge ahead and really work hard. In accordance with the idea and orientation of "Colleges in Colleges, Disciplines in Disciplines, Courses in Courses", the school should firmly promote the work of Co-construction of ministries and universities, and comprehensively improve the level of construction. He said that the school would integrate the resources inside and outside the school closely, continuously enlarge the highlights of its characteristics, constantly improve the level of teaching and scientific research, and strive to build the two colleges into "platoon soldiers" for disciplinary development, "incubators" for personnel training and "think tanks" for consultation services, so as to train qualified builders and successors of socialism with Chinese characteristics by taking practical actions. We will make new and greater contributions to the promotion of the new practice of "two gatherings, one high" and the construction of "strong, rich, beautiful and high" new Jiangsu.

Nanjing Normal University is the contact point University of Wang Yanwen, the Standing Committee of the Provincial Committee and the Minister of Propaganda Department.This investigation is also the work content of implementing the contact point system of provincial leaders.