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Academic Events

With both hands and multiple measures, the Marxist College actively prepares for the epidemic prevention and control and preparations for the start of school

Carrying out the important instructions of General Secretary of Xi Jinping on coordinating the promotion of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, insist on grasping epidemic prevention and control on the one hand, and college cause development on the other, actively responding to the central action order, and in accordance with the spirit of the meeting of the party committee expansion meeting in the new semester of the school. During the winter vacation, The college strengthens public communication guidance, constantly strengthens confidence, warms people, builds the common sense, grasps all aspects of epidemic prevention and control propaganda and guidance, and continuously optimizes daily teaching, scientific research and manage wokes.

   Through positive publicity, the Party Committee of the College has strengthened its propaganda and guidance to comprehensively improve the level of prevention and control of teachers and students all over the College, so as to achieve scientific prevention and control, and without tales, rumors, and unbelief, and hold firmly confidence in defeating the epidemic.  Teachers such as Wang Gang and Wang Lei published articles on "Strategies for Fighting Epidemic——Smart National Emergency Management System "and" Classroom for Thinking and Politics—— Let the Flower of Youth in the New Era Bloom in the Fight against Epidemic Disease ".  According to the unified deployment of the school, timely release the "Notice on Strengthening Party Leadership and Providing a Strong Political Guarantee for Winning the Epidemic Prevention and Control Battle" to the teachers and students of the school, and "Nanjing Normal University on further strengthening the prevention and control of novel coronavirus pneumonia Plan", "University of Jiangsu novel coronavirus pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Manual", "School Prevention and Control of novel coronavirus pneumonia Epidemic Prevention 50 Questions", "Jiangsu Provincial School Prevention and Control Guidance Manual (College Edition)", "Nanjing Normal University on the start of the new semester Preliminary Notice", "Nanjing Normal University's notice on the entry and exit of the campus management system during the epidemic prevention and control period", "Notice on the provision of mental health services for frontline anti-epidemic medical personnel and staff in the education system", etc.  In addition, teachers are actively encouraged to carry out research work on the prevention and control of pneumonia caused by novel coronavirus infection, and earnestly prepare for the declaration of various projects.

The Party Committee of the College uses the WeChat group of teachers and students of the College to monitor the health status of teachers and students in advance to achieve accurate prevention and control. To do a good job of arranging information about the physical conditions and travel conditions of students, faculty and staff, the situation of teachers and students who have been to the epidemic area and overseas, and the situation of teachers and students who cannot return to school in time. Fill in the "Nanjing Normal University Epidemic Prevention Work Day Report" every day, organize the teaching staff to fill out the "Summary of the Travel of the Faculty and Staff", "Summary of the Temporary Returned Persons", "Summary of the Work and Study of the Family of the Faculty and Staff". Through the use of various online teaching platforms (iCourse, etc.) and social communication tools (QQ online teaching, etc.) to implement online teaching and guidance, the role of online education platforms and various online media can be fully utilized.  According to the requirements of the school, the method of "online teaching + online guidance" is adopted, and "the content is not reduced, the standard is not reduced", and the quality of online learning and offline classroom teaching is equivalent. At present, the public courses of ideology and politics are opening online, and the online teaching of professional courses is in order. Teachers in class teach online, assign assignments, discuss questions, and students read course materials online, watch videos, participate in discussions, and complete assignments.

   In addition, in order to further promote the prevention and control of epidemic situation, enhance self-protection awareness and improve self-protection ability, the college pays special attention to mobilizing teaching staff and students to actively cooperate with health monitoring, consciously accept supervision, and carry out registration and temperature detection and other related work. The college distributes masks for each faculty member, each office is equipped with disinfection water, and the restrooms in the public area are equipped with antibacterial hand sanitizer and other items to fully implement the anti-epidemic work requirements. The college has also elaborately produced posters of novel coronavirus epidemic prevention knowledge, placed at the entrance of the college aisle, and sent the epidemic prevention knowledge to teachers and students to guide scientific protection.

   The footsteps of the new semester are approaching, the faculty and staff of the college are not afraid of difficulties, and they are responsible for their respective duties. To make careful preparations for an orderly and stable start of school.