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Academic Events

Zhengde forum | Chen Xinxing, associate professor of Fujian Normal University attended in the 66th "Zhengde forum"

On the morning of December 11, 2020, the 66th "Zhengde forum" of Marxism College of Nanjing Normal University was successfully held in Xingminlou 540. The theme of this lecture is "the teaching art of Ideological and Political Theory Course -- Also on the lesson preparation scheme of Ideological and political course teaching competition". It is presided over by Professor Chen Xinxing, associate professor of the school of Marxism of Fujian Normal University, and Mr. Li Qianjin, Secretary of the Party committee of the school of Marxism of Nanjing Normal University.

In this lecture, Mr. Chen Xinxing, based on his years of experience in participating in, guiding, and evaluating ideological and political courses, shared his experience on the teaching art of Ideological and political course from the aspects of Ideological and political theory lesson preparation, teaching design ideas and teaching design principles, bringing a theoretical feast to the teachers and students present.

At the beginning of the lecture, Mr. Chen introduced from the past evaluation experience, explained the problems easily occurred in the preparation process of Ideological and political course teaching competition, and provided corresponding solutions. She pointed out that visual problems such as clothing and PPT design are easy to solve, but consciousness problems need to be polished in practice. When talking about the lack of "overall design" consciousness, Professor Chen put forward the idea and method of "less is more" to avoid the defect of "overall design" consciousness. Secondly, starting from the design ideas of teaching segments, Mr. Chen puts forward three suggestions on the introduction, expansion and ending of the topic: first, the topic of the teaching segment can be introduced in three ways of "questioning type", "story type" and "props type", paying attention to the embodiment of the times, taking into account the rationality and sensibility; secondly, in view of the topic, we can find the right entrance and see the big from the small, According to the course, lecturer, object and so on, the teaching characteristics can be reflected; third, in the end of the topic, we can arrange thinking questions and reading materials to achieve the effect that is not enough to stimulate the enthusiasm of the education object to continue learning. Finally, according to the design principle of the teaching segment, Mr. Chen put forward the four-word maxim of "on", "true", "beautiful" and "skillful", that is, in the ideological and political teaching, we need to achieve the organic unity of "noble intention", "true content", "beautiful form" and "skillful organization". In addition, Professor Chen stressed that "novelty of topic selection", "breadth of content", "depth of exploration" and "dexterity of design" should be attached great importance to, and the combination of "polishing", "attentiveness" and "research" should be pursued.

The lecture came to an end in the warm applause of the students. Mr. Chen, with his humorous teaching style, illustrated courseware display, detailed and rich case presentation and valuable teaching practice experience, provided students with guidance on professional skills of Ideological and political course, and brought profound inspiration to the teaching and research work of ideological and political teachers.