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Academic Events

Zhengde Forum - Prof. Zou Shipeng from Fudan University is a guest of the 35th Zhengde Forum

On the afternoon of May 15, 2019, the thirty-fifth "Zhengde Lecture - Frontier of Foreign Marxism Research" sponsored by the Marxist College of Nanjing Normal University was successfully held in Xingmin Building 540. The lecture was given by Prof. Zou Shipeng, Professor of the School of Philosophy of Fudan University, Professor of Education, Professor Jiang Zemin, and Professor Wang Yonggui of the Marxist College. Some professors, undergraduates and masters and doctoral students of our institute participated in the lecture.

First of all, Professor Zou Shipeng taught the students at the forefront of foreign Marxist research. Professor Zou has made an overall investigation of foreign Marxism from the historical perspective. From Lukács to the Frankfurt School, to the classic evolution of the thoughts of famous foreign Marxist theorists such as Sartre and contemporary Zizek and Foucault, the exquisite explanation of this field was launched. Professor Zou pointed out that Lukács put forward the idea that class can not produce consciousness in "History and Class Consciousness", which answers a question that Marx has been thinking about whether the proletariat can obtain its own liberation consciousness. But Lukács is different from the class liberation that Marx realized. He did not unify class consciousness and class action from the height of Marx's concept of practice. "Imagining a real world is not equal to truly imagining a world." Class consciousness and class action must come from practice and return to practice.

The Frankfurt School, represented by Markasse, Habermas, etc., turned the focus of research to the criticism of capitalist society because of the background of the times. As the most famous banner character of existential Marxism, Sartre puts forward the human-centered concept of existence in his book The Existence and Nothingness. But he will pursue the limits of personal freedom and create a political anarchist tendency. With the rinsing of the movement in 1968, Sartre's existentialism gradually faded out of the stage of foreign Marxist research at that time, replaced by radical left-wing thinkers represented by Zizek and post-modern Marxism represented by Foucault.

Then, the lecture entered the Q&A session. The students enthusiastically expressed their doubts about foreign Marxism. Professor Zou gave detailed answers to the questions raised by the students. All the students present at the scene felt that they had benefited a lot.


Finally, Professor Wang Yonggui summarized this lecture. He first gave a high degree of recognition to Professor Zou's explanation. He pointed out that Professor Zou has conducted an overall investigation of the development of foreign Marxism from the perspective of history and explained the details. Then he made a good foundation from the basics, learned the dialogue, and chose to study the lectures. He encouraged the students to lay down the Marxism-Leninism, learn open-ended study and study, and strive to improve their skills. So far, the thirty-fifth "Zhengde Forum" has come to a successful conclusion.