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Academic Events

Zhengde Forum/ Professor Ding Junping from Wuhan University is a guest at the 34th Zhengde Forum in our school

On the morning of May 11, 2019, the 34th Zhengde Forum, hosted by the Marxist College of Nanjing Normal University, was successfully held in the 405. The theme of this lecture is Several Issues in the Construction of Party Building Discipline, which is taught by Professor Ding Junping, a second-level professor of Wuhan University, a doctoral supervisor of the party building, a leader of the partys construction discipline, a national-level teaching teacher, and a director of the Political Party Research Institute. Professor Wang Yue, a doctoral tutor at the Marxist College, presided over the seminar. Nearly 100 masters and doctoral students from our school actively participated in the lecture. The atmosphere was warm.


First of all, Professor Ding Junping introduced the historical origin and development status of the party building discipline to the students on the theme of "the academic study of the concept of party building". He pointed out that 2018 is the foundation of the party building discipline and emphasized that the great project is "four great One of the contents. Today, emphasis is placed on building a great project and setting up a second-level discipline, which further illustrates the importance of party building. Subsequently, Professor Ding clarified the nature, definition and characteristics of the party building discipline, so that everyone has a clearer and deeper understanding of the party building discipline, and realized that the party building discipline is a second-level discipline under the Marxist theory discipline. "History, reality, science and politics." The audience present was attracted by Professor Ding's meticulous thinking, precise language and intimate teaching style.

Then, Professor Ding Junping listed the important historical nodes of the development of the party building discipline from the students, from the establishment of the party building curriculum in 1933 to the establishment of the party building teaching and research department in the new China, and the party building into the research direction of the party history in the new era of reform and opening up. Up to today, the party building has been established as a second-level discipline, presenting a wonderful historical picture to the students and clarifying the past and present life of the party building discipline. After finishing the history, Professor Ding immediately turned to reality and explained to us the importance and necessity of the party building discipline in the new era. Nowadays, the discipline construction of party building is not only the need to strictly manage the party and coordinate the promotion of four comprehensive strategic layouts, but also to better follow the development direction of higher education, to fulfill the needs of higher education, and to build a social science philosophy of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Need. In addition, Professor Ding also quoted a large amount of data and facts to explain to you the enrollment of the party building discipline. She first pointed out that the party building discipline is still in its infancy, and there are many problems such as fewer tutors, weak teachers, and insufficient discipline. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the construction of the discipline and improve the enrollment by working from the following five aspects: first, improve the discipline layout, standardize the direction; second, strengthen the teacher construction, curriculum construction, teaching material system; third, carefully set up the examination enrollment Programs to improve the quality of students; Fourth, scientifically develop training programs, strengthen the construction of curriculum systems and teaching materials systems; Fifth, innovate research methods for party building disciplines.

In just one and a half hours, Professor Ding Junping presented the essence of the party building discipline in a lively and effective way in a very lively language. The students in the field benefited a lot and felt a lot, and the attitude of Professor Ding was optimistic and confident. It is also full of confidence and expectation for the prospects of party building discipline construction. The predecessors worked tirelessly to expand the territory for the construction of the party building discipline, and my generation has to cope with the efforts of hundreds of times to climb up to one peak after another!