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Academic Events

Zhengde Forum // Professor Li Chaoyang of Tianjin Normal University visited Zhengde Forum No. 33 of our college

On the afternoon of May 10, 2019, the 33rd "Zhengde Forum - Running Ideological and Political Theory Course Well and Implementing the Fundamental Task of Li De Shuren" sponsored by the Marxist College of Nanjing Normal University was successfully held in Xingmin Building 540. The lecture was chaired by Professor Li Chaoyang, Vice-Dean of the Marxist College of Tianjin Normal University, Ph.D. supervisor, and Head of "Tianjin Ideological and Political Theory Class Famous Teacher Studio-Li Chaoyang Studio". Professor Wang Gang, Dean of the Marxist College, was chaired by Professor Wang Gang. Some teachers of the College, as well as professional Master and Ph.D. postgraduates attended the lecture, and there were no empty seats.



In the course of theory teaching, Professor Li started with his personal experience of participating in the Symposium of teachers of Ideological and political theory course on March 18. He gave this lecture from four aspects: why to teach ideological and political theory course, who to teach ideological and political theory course, what methods to teach ideological and political theory course, and how to support ideological and political theory course by the Communist Party of China. The lecture is rich in content and strong in logic, especially Professor Li's "Eight Lectures" summarized from his long-term teaching of Ideological and political theory, i.e.'Talk as you say','Talk as you say','Talk as you speak','Talk as you live','Lead as you speak','Speak as you speak as you speak','Speak as you speak as you speak','Specially speak', which won the high recognition and unanimous praise of the students present, and they all expressed their profound benefit and enlighten Hair.


Subsequently, Professor Li used vivid language and detailed cases to make a wonderful teaching demonstration and in-depth exchanges with the teachers and students of our college on the topic of "Wearing Closed Shoes and Walking a Characteristic Way - Why is Socialism with Chinese Characteristics Right". From General Secretary Xi Jinping's exposition that "shoes fit badly, only when he wears them; a country's development path is not suitable, only the people of this country have the most say", he uses the analogy of "selecting shoes - Testing shoes - fixing shoes" to vividly point out that socialism with Chinese characteristics is a "shoe" chosen by history and the Chinese people through arduous efforts, and its "brand" ” It is "socialism" and "model" is "Chinese characteristics". The road of socialism with Chinese characteristics is like a pair of shoes suitable for China. It is in line with China's national conditions and only the Chinese people know it. Professor Li is good at using problem guidance to drive the atmosphere and rhythm of the lecture. The language is easy to understand but has profound connotations. His explanations are classical, superficial, logical, coherent and humorous. The way of curriculum setting and life phenomena is very clear, which makes the students here receive profound theoretical education and teaching guidance.

Finally, Professor Li concluded the lecture with warm applause, with the words "two pairs of shoes" of "solid shoes" and "shoes of socialism with Chinese characteristics".

Professor Li Chaoyang and his team created the teaching method of Ideological and political theory course, which is an innovative move to promote the reform of Ideological and political course teaching, and provides valuable experience for teachers and students in our college to explore the reform of Ideological and political course teaching. Next step, all teachers and students of Marxist College will take this opportunity and take General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech of March 18 as a yardstick to widely rally consensus, stimulate teachers and students'motivation, strive to improve their professional quality and ability, constantly enhance the ideological, theoretical and affinity, pertinence of Ideological and political courses, and rightly and vigorously develop the key courses to fulfill the fundamental task of Building Morality and cultivating people. Move our ideological and political theory teaching and research level to a higher goal!