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Academic Events

Zhengde Forum︱Professor Yan Xiaofeng of Tianjin University Visits Our College No. 41 "Zhengde Forum"

“The voice of truth is the virtue of youth.”On the afternoon of July 4, 2019, the 41 st issue of Zhengde Forum, School of Marxism, Nanjing normal University, was successfully held in Xingmin Building 524. This lecture was given by Professor Yan Xiaofeng, dean of marxism college of Tianjin University and doctoral supervisor, and Professor Wang Gang, dean of marxism college of Nanjing normal University and doctoral supervisor, was the chair.Ph.D. and graduate students from the College of Marxism were present to listen.

Before the formal beginning, Professor Wang Gang first gave a brief introduction to Professor Yan Xiaofeng and warmly welcomed Professor Yan to the "Zhengde Forum" of our hospital during his busy schedule.Then, Professor Yan talked about the academic road from his life experience, which brought an unforgettable academic feast to the teachers and students present.


 At the beginning of the forum, Professor Yan inspired us to combine “reading, thinking and writing” in academic research. First of all, he took the story of "course and thesis" as the main line, and Shared his scholarship experience of connecting course study, thesis writing and professional research during his postgraduate period, and finally having thoughts and achievements.Secondly, he proposed that the writing of his dissertation should adhere to the methods of "breaking up into parts" and "breaking up into parts", so as to achieve the effect of "every word can be published" in his dissertation, which fully demonstrated Professor Yan's rigorous and serious research attitude and academic pursuit of excellence. In addition, he talked about how we should study breaking up with "first love" by focusing on our work. But outside of work, we still have to insist on academic research as the center, not be tripped up by the pressure of work. We should have a strong sense of scientific research, only insist on doing, do more, do better, in order to make a difference in the professional field.

Then, professor Yan told us the hard process of realizing his dream of "going back to school" with 17 years' painstaking efforts, which fully demonstrated his unremitting pursuit and perseverance as a scholar and academic. At the same time, he stressed that we should have the determination on strategic issues, make our own life choices, and not make fundamental mistakes. And for a reader, we should not for personal gains and losses, so concentrate on reading, do scientific research, be a determined reader. Finally, Professor Yan talked about his graduate students' high evaluation of his "three can't compare", which highlighted his firm attitude in academic research. "Perseverance than", is his decades as day do not abandon, do not give up; "Physical strength can't compete with", is he to stick to the research and energetic overtime; "Intelligence can't compete" is actually his unremitting pursuit of academic research excellence.


In the end, Professor Wang Gang made a profound summary of Professor Yan's wonderful lecture and gave a high evaluation. He pointed out that professor yan talked about his academic path from his life experience, and read, think and write clues through it, which is really admirable. And our graduate students here should also learn from Professor Yan, so that reading should be refined, thinking should be deep and writing should be good, so as to truly achieve academic research results. The students also expressed their deep feelings, and determined to follow the example, build true knowledge through practice, think carefully and study hard, and pursue academic pursuits. Thus, the 41st session of "Zhengde Forum" came to a successful conclusion.