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Academic Events

Zhengde Forum // Zhu Huanghe, Professor of Jiangxi Normal University, visited Zhengde Forum No. 32 of our college

On the afternoon of May 9, 2019, the 32nd "Zhengde Forum" sponsored by Marxist College was successfully held in Room 540 of Xingmin Building. With the theme of "Doctoral students'reading and topic selection", this forum is honored to invite Professor Zhu Huanghe, Dean and Doctoral supervisor of the Marxist Research Institute of Jiangxi Normal University, to be the keynote speaker. The forum was chaired by Professor Wang Yonggui, School of Marxism, Nanjing Normal University. Nearly 100 doctoral and postgraduate students from the College of Marxism participated in the forum.

At the beginning of the forum, Professor Wang Yonggui gave a brief introduction to Professor Zhu Huanghe, and warmly welcomed Professor Zhu's arrival on behalf of all the teachers and students of the Marxist College. Then Professor Zhu Huanghe brought a spiritual feast to the students around the theme of "reading and topic selection" and combined with his own life reality.


First of all, Professor Zhu Huanghe taught the students the skills of reading and topic selection. Professor Zhu's suggestions on reading skills are as follows: First, reading should be extensive. Professor Zhu suggested that students should read books extensively, involving not only social sciences, but also natural sciences. Second, they should read well. Professor Zhu pointed out that the so-called essence is to read some subject textbooks, academic journals and doctoral dissertations related to Marxist specialty while studying classical works of Marxism. As for the topic selection, Professor Zhu explained the following two aspects for the students: First, the principle of topic selection. Professor Zhu emphasized that the topic selection should first focus on the theoretical capacity and academic content of the topic, secondly on the awareness of problems, and finally on the consideration of political standards, academic standards and paper format standards. The second is the classification of topics. Professor Zhu believes that the topic can be roughly divided into four aspects: explaining the basic theoretical issues, combining theory with practice, combining history as the main theory of history and forming his own opinions based on investigation.

Then, the lecture entered the interactive link. The students spoke enthusiastically. Professor Zhu Huanghe gave detailed answers to the students'questions, and put forward valuable suggestions to the students, asking them to regard learning as a habit and a way of life. At the same time, we should always adhere to the rigorous and standardized principles in the process of scholarly research, and take the problem as the guide to develop the style of investigation and research, and solve problems in practice.

At the end of the activity, Professor Wang Yonggui summarized the activity from two aspects: reading and topic selection. Professor Wang Yonggui not only emphasized the importance of reading to his students, but also asked them to pay attention to classical texts, basic theoretical issues and practical investigations when choosing topics. Encourage students to develop good reading habits, lay a good foundation of Marxism-Leninism, be good at social research, and strive to improve their skills.