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Shi huiming Associate Professor


Shi huiming, male, born in liyang, jiangsu province in July 1977, associate professor, doctor of law, master tutor, school of marxism, nanjing normal university, was nominated as the 2012 national college counselor of the year, and the first college counselor of the year in jiangsu province in 2012. He is a visiting scholar at the school of education, Stanford university and a teacher at the Confucius institute, Utah state university. The main research directions are the theory and practice of ideological and political education, the professional ethics of college counselors. Engaged in the teaching of professional courses and public courses such as marxist principles, political economy, thinking and basic law. He has published 1 academic monograph, participated in the compilation of 3 books, published more than 15 papers, reprinted many full-text copies of NPC materials, presided over 2 provincial-level projects, and participated in 5 national-level and provincial-level projects.