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Wang lulu Professor


Wang lulu is a editorial board of research on the nanjing massacre of Japan's invasion of China ,Professor and doctoral supervisor of nanjing normal university, director of the human resources department of nanjing normal university and director of the teacher working department of the party committee, director of the "rural cultural revitalization research center", the key research base of philosophy and social science of jiangsu universities.

I. undertake the project

National philosophy and social science fund project subject to tender "ethical research in rural China" (2015-2020), chief expert, presided over by the ministry of education humanities and social science research base 1 major projects, charge state key projects of philosophy and social science fund, the major project subject to tender corpus, youth programs each item 1, 2 provincial projects, and participate in more than 10 national and provincial research projects.

Ii. Main achievements

Published monograph in new rural ethics: research on social transition of China's rural ethical issues of the local ethics - an interdisciplinary field of "local moral knowledge" inquiry ", "economic ethics" (the first author), editor in chief of the socialist core values "(teachers reader), participated in the horse engineering" ethics "teaching material, etc. A total of more than 10. In the Chinese academy of social sciences, the philosophical study of "marxist study" guangming daily "(theory), the dynamic philosophy" moral and civilization "ethics research studies of Confucius jiangsu social science journals published more than 80, of which more than 20 were" xinhua digest "Chinese social science abstract, National People's Congress copy data to republish.

Iii. Honors and awards

Lectures on this topic "ethics" has won the ministry of education in the project to study and develop marxist theory course "good lesson", the teaching materials are key in the first China ethics ten outstanding young scholars, the fifth period "333 high-level personnel training project" in jiangsu province at the second level to develop a target, the fourth phase of the "333 high-level personnel training project" in jiangsu province third level to develop a target, "blue project" in jiangsu province, young and middle-aged academic leaders to develop a target "six big talent peak" high-level personnel in jiangsu province, nanjing have made outstanding contribution to the young and middle-aged experts. He has won the first prize and the second prize of academic achievements of China ethics society, the second prize and the third prize of outstanding achievements in philosophy and social science of jiangsu province, the outstanding doctoral thesis of jiangsu province and other academic awards. My doctoral dissertation was selected as excellent doctoral dissertation of jiangsu province, and my undergraduate project won the second prize of national "challenge cup".

Iv. Social part-time jobs

The ministry of education of institutions of higher learning philosophy class teaching guidance committee, China ethical committee, director of Chinese ethics society youth work committee, deputy director of the Chinese ethics committee secretary general of economic ethics, the ethics committee, director of jiangsu province ministry of education of humanities and social science key research base of the ethics and moral construction of research center, renmin university of China rural ethical and cultural construction, director of the institute.