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Zhang haifang Professor


Zhang haifang is a researcher and doctoral supervisor, mainly engaged in the teaching and research of marxist theory (a special study of modern Chinese history). He has published four academic monographs and more than 20 papers in guangming daily, CSSCI journals and foreign journals.

I. To undertake project

Jiangsu social science fund key project: research on urban-rural integration in the context of new urbanization (15EYA004)

Jiangsu social science fund general project: research on agricultural economic development in jianghuai region during the Ming and qing dynasties (11SBL007)

National social science fund general project: research on the impact of urban community environment change on ideological and political education (14BKS096)

The ministry of education degree and graduate education project, as well as the jiangsu province university philosophy social science project and so on 5.

Ii.The main results

Scientific outlook on development -- the deepening and development of marxism in contemporary China, science and culture press, 2017

Research on the status quo and countermeasures of the identification of socialist core values for postgraduates, guangming daily press, 2015

Research on core socialist values education based on yimeng spirit, co-authored by shandong people's publishing house

Historical records of agrometeorological and climatic disasters in jiangsu, co-authored by jilin people's publishing house, 2005

Iii. Honors and awards

Jiangsu province philosophy social science outstanding achievement award third prize

The third prize of outstanding research results of jiangsu province's ideological and political work