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The innovative research of social ideology,2014 Blue Project Innovative Research Team in the universities

The team,the innovative research of socialist ideology,approved as a team of scientific and technological innovation in Blue Project of Jiangsu universities in May 2014.The team leader is Professor Wang Yonggui.


The establishment of this team rely on the Basic Principles of Marxism(one of the national key disciplines),Marxist theory(one of the superior disciplines of Jiangsu universities),Philosophy(one of the key disciplines at provincial first-level)and Politics(one of the key disciplines and cultivated disciplines at provincial first-level,2012),Marx in Research Institute(one of the key research base of philosophy and social science of Jiangsu universities,2009),socialist ideology research center(one of the key research institutions of liberal arts of Nanjing Normal University),the institute of oriental socialism and other key disciplines and platforms.


The team is based on the development of frontier of Marxism, adapted to the needs of socialist construction and development with Chinese characteristics,deeply carrying out the research on the theory of socialist ideology,the innovative study of contemporary Chinese mainstream ideology, the comparative research on the development of socialist ideology,etc.It has made abundant scientific achievements and a great impact on society.


The existing core members of the team are eight people.The academic background of them are Marxist theory, philosophy and political theory.There are 3 professors, 4 associate professors and all the team members have doctor degree.Recentyears,around Marxist theory and socialist ideology, this team has presided over 9 National Social Science Fund Project,more than 10 provincial research, published 7 books and more than 100 papers,and the research results has generated great impact.