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Academic Events

A seminar on "Mathematics Curriculum Reform from the perspective of Core Literacy"

On December 4, the seminar "Mathematics Curriculum Reform from the Perspective of Core Literacy" was held in our college. Zhao Jingya, Secretary of the Party Committee of the College, Ning Lianhua and Yu Ping, Professors of Mathematics Education Research Office, Professor Gu Jiling, School of Teacher Education and graduate students from the School of Mathematics Sciences and the School of Teacher Education also attended the seminar. During the conference, Prof. Dai Qin from Inner Mongolia Normal University and Prof. Bao Jiansheng from East China Normal University were invited to make special reports, and Prof. Yu Ping presided over the reports.

Professor Dai Qin, with the title of "Da Vinci on the Altar -- The Educational value of Da Vinci's Mathematical Manuscripts", led the participants into the world of Da Vinci. Through the introduction of Da Vinci’s manuscript, notes, books, and his artistic creation, technological invention, and perfect combination of architectural design and mathematics all make us feel the greatness of Da Vinci in that era. Professor Dai explained in detail that Da Vinci's 30,000 pages of manuscripts contained a wealth of mathematical manuscripts—mathematical definition view, geometric figure calculation method, Pythagorean theorem mathematical thinking method and three-dimensional graphics production. He profoundly explained the internal relationship between art and mathematics. At the same time, Professor Dai pointed out that their value also provides important enlightenment and reference value for today's mathematics education research and the history of mathematics culture.

Professor Bao Jiansheng takes "several problems that need to be paid attention to" as the breakthrough point, and puts forward several problems from three aspects of the forward-looking, basic and local characteristics of mathematics education research, including Mathematics core literacy system, The main line of mathematics curriculum development, Mathematical modeling and interdisciplinary applications Characteristics of Chinese mathematics education, the field of teacher education and so on, aroused the audience's thinking .In the report, Professor Bao sorted out the development process of mathematics core literacy and further research issues, supplemented several main lines of mathematics curriculum development on the basis of Professor Usisken, and emphasized that mathematics classes in primary and secondary schools can be combined with other subjects for 10% of the class hours. At the same time, the research on variable teaching and teachers' practical knowledge was put forward.These questions provide more thoughts and directions for teachers and students to study mathematics education in the future.

During the exchange and discussion session, the participants had a heated discussion on the content of the two professors' report. They all agreed that the excellent report benefited everyone and aroused their greater interest in the cultural history of mathematics and the research on mathematics education.

The successful holding of this seminar has created a good academic atmosphere for the further development of mathematics education in our college.