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Academic Events

A series of lectures on “finance and statistics”-- Big data analysis in precision medicine

At the invitation of the school of Mathematical Sciences, Professor Xiaoqing Pan , Department of Mathematics, Shanghai Normal University, delivered an academic report entitled "Big data analysis in precision medicine" by Tencent Conference at 19:30-20:30, December 2, 2020.  Some teachers of the Department of Statistics and Financial mathematics of the College of Mathematical Sciences, and some graduate students majoring in probability theory and mathematical statistics, statistics and applied statistics attended the meeting.

Precision medicine is an individualized strategy for disease prevention and treatment that takes into account individual differences in genes, environment and living habits. It is an important branch of genetic epidemiology, epigenetic epidemiology, mathematical genetics, medicine, biology, bioinformatics and statistics. Relying on the epigenetic sequencing data of cardiovascular diseases, Professor Pan introduced the big data analysis in precision medicine in detail.

At the end of the talk, the students and teachers here put forward their own questions about the contents of the talk, and Professor Pan gave the answers with more details. At last, the report meeting was successfully concluded in warm applause.