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Academic Events

Dynamic properties of a class of skew product hyperbolic systems

At the invitation of the school of mathematics science of Nanjing Normal University, Zeng Lian, Professor of Sichuan University, conducted online academic exchange in the school of science and technology of our university on the morning of July 1, 2020, and made the topic "Dynamic properties of a class of skew product hyperbolic systems" in the 526 conference room of the Xingjian building. Professor Hongjun Gao of the school of mathematics science presided over the report meeting, and some teachers of the school of mathematics science, masters and doctoral students of Applied Mathematics participated in the report meeting.

Professor Zeng Lian is currently a professor at the School of Mathematics of Sichuan University. Winner of the "Outstanding Youth Fund" of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Ph.D. in Mathematics, Brigham Young University, Postdoctoral fellow at the Courant Institute of New York University. His research mainly focuses on the dynamic systems. The specific contents include smooth ergodicity theory, chaos theory and ergodicity extreme value problems for random or infinite-dimensional dynamical systems. He has published research papers in many famous international mathematics journals.

Professor Zeng Lian first introduced the relevant concepts dynamical systems that need to be used, and then introduced the concept of the skew product system and briefly compared the differences and connections with the usual random dynamical system. In order to study the dynamic properties of the skew product system.  Professor Zeng Lian introduced the concepts of random periodic orbit and random horseshoe. Finally, Professor Zeng Lian described the difficulties encountered in the entire research process and gave the research results-related theorems.

At the end of the talk, the students and teachers here put forward their own questions about the contents of the talk, and Professor Zeng Lian gave the answers with more details. The seminar had a complete success in the warm applause of teachers and students.