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Academic Events

K-theory of rings and categories

WHEN: Tuesday, 2020,May 12, 10:00

WHERE: Online, Tencent ID: 381 522 057

TITLE: K-theory of rings and categories

SPEAKER: Guoping Tang 


On the morning of May 12, Professor Tang Guoping of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences was invited to give an online academic report. Professor He Wei, deputy director of the Institute of mathematics, presided over this report . Professor Wei Jiaqun, Professor Zhou Haiyan, Dr Zhang Haicheng, Dr Chen Huibin and some students majoring in basic mathematics  participated in this report.


Algebraic K theory is a new branch of algebra that deals with linear algebra over general rings and generalizes its general methods to many other subjects. It originated from a new class group introduced by Grothendieck in 1959 in order to generalize the form and solution of Riemann Roche theorem. Three mathematicians, Atiyah, Quillen and Voevodsky, won the fields Award for their outstanding work in this field. Professor Tang started from the lower order k-groups of rings and introduced their important role in the study of rings. Then he introduced how to extend this method and category K-theory, which makes K-theory become an important research tool of other disciplines.


At the end of the report, the students and teachers here put forward their own questions about the contents of the report, and Professor Tang gave the answers with more details.  At last, all the teachers and students said that they had gained a lot from the report and broadened their knowledge, especially the further understanding of K-theory. The report concluded successfully.