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Academic Events

New Curriculum Standard, new teaching material, and New College Entrance Examination

On the morning of December 7, 2020, at the invitation of Professor Ning Lianhua, school of Mathematical Sciences, Nanjing Normal University, Professor Shi Ningzhong who is former president of Northeast Normal University brought a report of "New Curriculum Standard, new teaching material, and New College Entrance Examination". Zhao Jingya, secretary of School of Mathematical Sciences, Professor Zhang Zhiyue, and nearly 80 graduate students from School of Mathematics and School of Teacher Education attended the meeting. The lecture was presided over by Professor Ning Lianhua who is the director of the Mathematics education Research Office.

Professor Shi Ningzhong is former president of Northeast Normal University, member of the Discipline Appraisal Group of The State Council, leader of the mathematics curriculum standard revision group for compulsory education and deputy to the 10th and 11th National People's Congress. He is now an honorary professor of Northeast Normal University, deputy director of The National Curriculum and Teaching Materials Working Committee, director of the Academic Committee of The Chinese Education Society and leader of the curriculum standard revision group for ordinary senior high schools.

Professor Shi firstly shared his own academic research experience with the participants and introduced the process of leading the revision of compulsory education and general high school mathematics curriculum standards. Then, taking the relationship between number and quantity as an example, he explored the essential problems of mathematics. By sharing his own research experience, he briefly introduced how to conduct mathematics education research and how to write academic research papers. Finally, Professor Shi inspired participants to think "How to cultivate students' imagination and abstract ability?" by sharing his own profound understanding on mathematical thought.

During the discussion session, participants had a heated discussion on the content of Professor Shi's report. He answered the question which is raised by a student "Could we add 'change the world by mathematical methods', so as to change the' three abilities' into the 'four abilities'?" In addition, he also answered "How to integrate mathematics culture into teaching? " , " How to design the knowledge with logical relations integrally in the teaching?" and so on. Professor Shi's careful explanation benefited participants a lot and aroused their great interest in mathematics culture and mathematics education research.

The whole meeting was held in a harmonious atmosphere with warm responses. Professor Shi's wonderful report made participants deeply understand that mathematical research requires extensive study of original materials, tracing the source and independently deep thinking.