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Academic Events

Optimal bike allocation and repositioning strategies in a dockless bike sharing system

On the morning of July 5th, Professor Zhiwei Wang of Nanyang Technological University in Singapore was invited by Professor Lixin Tian of our school to visit the academic conference of the Academy of Sciences and made an article entitled “Optimal bike allocation and repositioning strategies in a dockless bike sharing system”. The report will be hosted by Professor Lixin Tian and more than 20 teachers and students from relevant fields in our school.

The current research on pileless bicycles is a hot issue to solve the "first kilometer" and "last kilometer" travel. Professor Zhiwei Wang first introduced the operation of land use and pileless bicycles in Singapore, and then reported on the first configuration problem and daily redistribution of pileless bicycles. The first configuration problem is the problem of bicycles entering a new market where bicycles are placed and delivered. The difficulty of this problem is how to predict people's demand for bicycles. He builds a fully connected network, uses the Fast-Newman algorithm for community detection, and achieves goal optimization based on module degree. For the redistribution problem, due to the high cost of redistribution by merchants, a reward mechanism is introduced to guide bicycle users to redistribute spontaneously. A "residential area - subway - to work" triangle model optimizes redistribution.

During the reporting process, the participating teachers and Professor Wang exchanged and discussed related issues. After the report, the participants also had in-depth exchanges with Dr. Wang on relevant issues, and everyone benefited a lot.