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Academic Events

Oscillation-preserving  integrators for highly  oscillatory ODEs

WHEN: Wednesday, 2019, August 28-16:50

WHERE: Room 526, Xingjian Building

SPONSOR: Department of Mathematics, Nanjing University

SPEAKER(S):Xinyuan Wu


DETAILS:Xinyuan Wu is a Professor working at department of mathematics of Nanjing University in China. He received his Ph.D. degree from Nanjing University in 2000.His research fields include geometric algorithms for differential equations, numerical methods for stiff problems and algebraic systems. He has published three academic monographs in Springer, an international authoritative publishing house and a series of high-quality academic papers in top international SCI journals such as SIAM Numer. Anal., SIAM Sci. Comput., Found. Comput. Math. And so on.In addition, he has been invited to visit Cambridge University, Imperial College of London, Purdue University of the United States, McGill University of Canada, Tubingen University of Germany, Auckland University of New Zealand and other internationally renowned institutions of higher learning, and to report on geometric algorithms of high oscillatory differential equations.In 2017, he was awarded the highest honorary award by the European Society of Scientific and Engineering Computing Methods: Honorary Fellowship.


ABSTRACT: The main theme of this talk is oscillation-preserving integrators for effectively solving nonlinear highly oscillatory systems. We begin with highly oscillatory integrals. We then present the definition of oscillation-preserving integrators for multi-frequency highly oscillatory second-order systems, and analyze the oscillation-preserving behavior for RKN-type methods.