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Academic Events

Reports on algebraic geometry

At the invitation of the school of mathematical science of Nanjing Normal University, Chen Meng, Professor of Fudan University, Tan Shengli, Professor of East China Normal University, conducted an academic exchange in room 202 and 201, Xueming Building on December 11, 2020. Professors Guo Fei and Yan Conghua of the school of mathematical science presided over the seminar respectively, and some teachers of the school of mathematical science, masters and undergraduate students participated in the seminar.

Prof. Chen’s talk about Algebraic geometry and minimum model program dealt with algebraic variety in algebraic geometry double rational geometry. Also minimal model program provides a framework for classification theory in his talk. Moreover, the rapid progress under the framework has been introduced. 

In the talk titled “The beauty of parametric curves and geometry”, Prof. Tan will attempt to introduce the role of parametric curve methods in driving the development of geometry and to look into its future.

At the end of the talks, the students and teachers here put forward their own questions about the contents of the talk, and three speakers gave the answers with more details. The seminar successful completed.

From Yan Conghua