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Academic Events

SPDE with Locally Monotone Coefficients

At the invitation of the school of mathematics science of Nanjing Normal University, Professor Wei Liu, Professor of Jiangsu Normal University, conducted an online academic exchange in the school of science and technology of our university on the morning of June 27, 2020, and made the topic "SPDE with Locally Monotone Coefficients" in the conference room 505 of the Xingjian building. Professor Hongjun Gao of the school of mathematics science presided over the report meeting, and some teachers of the school of mathematics science, masters and doctoral students of Applied Mathematics participated in the report meeting.

Professor Wei Liu, professor and dean of the School of Mathematics and Statistics of Jiangsu Normal University, part-time professor of Nankai University, tutor of doctoral students, and winner of the National Outstanding Youth Science Foundation. In March 2009, he graduated from the Department of Mathematics, Bielefeld University, Germany. His main research fields are stochastic analysis and stochastic partial differential equations. He won the German WLUG excellent doctoral dissertation in 2010, was selected as the "Six Talent Peak" high-level talents in Jiangsu Province in 2013, was awarded the Jiangsu Mathematics Achievement Award in 2014, was selected as the "Jiangsu Distinguished Professor", and was selected as the "Cyan Blue Project" in Jiangsu Province in 2016. The leader of the outstanding technological innovation team. He has presided over the National Natural Science Foundation General Project, Excellent Youth Project of NSF and many provincial and ministerial research projects. Published more than 20 papers in international authoritative magazines

Professor Wei Liu first introduced the extensive application of porous media and related equations in real life. There are many articles and monographs on PDEs to study such problems. Then professor Wei Liu introduced the different assumptions and corresponding results made by many scholars on such problems in random situations. Finally, processor Wei Liu introduced his recent work to generalize the problem of attractors with locally monotonic SPDE to the problem of attractors with general SPDE, highlighting the differences from the previous results assumptions and the broadness of the applicable equations .

At the end of the talk, the students and teachers here put forward their own questions about the contents of the talk, and Professor Liu gave the answers with more details. The seminar had a complete success in the warm applause of teachers and students.