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Academic Events

The special academic talk of the Institute of Finance and Statistics

At the invitation of the School of Mathematical Sciences, Professor Shi Jian Qing--Ph.D. supervisor, professor of School of Mathematics, Statistics and Physics of Newcastle University, and Turing researcher of Alan Turing Institute, UK, gave a presentation entitled "Predictive Models for Big Data-Case Studies" in Room 665 of the Xingjian Building on the morning of July 22, 2019. Professor Zhou Xiuqing, director of Statistics and Financial Mathematics research department, presided over the meeting. Professor Xie Fengchang, associate professor Liu Guoxiang, associate professor Gao Qibing, associate professor Li Qicai, associate professor Mi Hui, associate professor Du Xiuli and some postgraduates majoring in statistics, probability theory and Mathematical Statistics participated in the seminar.

Professor Shi Jianqing is an internationally renowned expert in statistics, especially in the field of applied statistics. In the talk, Professor Shi Jianqing first introduced the changes in statistics and mathematics for big data, mainly in seven aspects. The first aspect is to analyze new sources of information, such as texts, images, audios and functions. Professor Shi also combined the actual accelerometer data of stroke patients to establish the classification and clustering model of functional data, and modelled cruise oil leakage data; Then, Professor Shi addressed the problems like visualization in high-dimensions, multiple hypothesis testing and the false discovery rate, heterogeneous data analysis, the estimation procedures in high-dimension with sparse models, automatic procedures for model selection and statistical analysis, and analyzing networks and incorporating network information into statistical models.