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Xingju Cai Associate Professor


Educational Background

  • PhD, Computational Mathematics, Nanjng University (2013)
  • MA, Computational Mathematics, Nanjng Normal University (2004)
  • BA, Operational Research, Nanjng University (1998)


Professional Experiences

  • 1998.9-2004.6, teaching assistant, School of Mathematical Science, Nanjing Normal University.
  • 2004.6-2015.6, lecturer, School of Mathematical Science, Nanjing Normal University.
  • 2015.6-present, Associate Professor, School of Mathematical Science, Nanjing Normal University.
  • 2012.7-2012.8, Research Associate, Department of of Mathematics, Hong Kong Bap-tist University.
  • 2014.1-2014.2, Research Fellow, Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Chi-nese Academy of Sciences.
  • 2014.7-2015.1 Visiting Research Scholar, Department of of Mathematics, Hong Kong Baptist University.
  • 2015.3-2015.10 Research Fellow, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Nanyang Technological University.



Research Interests

  • Variational Inequalities and Numerical optimization
  • Transportation Network Modeling and Optimization
  • Game Theory(Generalized Nash Equilibrium Problems)


Research Projects

  • Study on the Theory and Applications of Proximal Point Algorithm with  Nonsymmetric Proximal Term, National Natural Science Foundation for Young Scholars of China(11401315),   Leader,  2015.01-2017.12
  • Study on the Theory and Algorithm of Optimization Problems with PDE Constrain, National Natural Foundation of the Jiangsu Higher Education Institutions of China(14KJB110015), Leader, 2014.08-2016.12
  • Study on the Splitting Methods for the Large Scale Sparse Optimization Problems, National Natural Science Foundation for Young Scholars of Jiangsu Province(BK20140914), Leader, 2014.07-2017.06


Journal Articles

  1. Deren Han*, Xiaoming Yuan, Wenxing Zhang, and Xingju Cai, “An ADM-based splitting method for separable convex programming”, Computational Optimization with Applications, 2013, 54, 343-369.
  2. Xingju Cai, Deren Han*, and Lingling Xu, “An improved first-order primal-dual algorithm with a new correction step”, Journal of Global Optimization, 2013, 57(4), 1419-1428.
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