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Yingnan Zhang Associate Professor

Research Interests: 
  • Discrete integrable systems;
  • Integrable numerical algorithms;
  • Nonlinear sciences

Educational Background

  • PhD, Computational Mathematics,University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (2015)
  • BA, Computational Mathematics, Jilin University, (2010)



Journal Articles

  1. Yingnan Zhang, Han-Wah Tam, Xingbiao Hu. "Integrable discretization of ‘time’and its application on the Fourier pseudospectral method to the Korteweg–de Vriesequation[J]". Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, 2014, 47(4): 045202;(SCI)
  2. Yingnan Zhang, Xingbiao Hu and Hon-Wah Tam."Integrable discretization of nonlinear Schrödinger equation and its application with Fourier pseudo-spectral method".Numerical Algorithms, 2015, 69(4):839-862. (SCI)
  3. Xiangke Chang, Xingbiao Hu, and Yingnan Zhang."A direct method for evaluating some nice Hankel determinants and proofs of several conjectures."Linear Algebra and its Applications 438.5 (2013): 2523-2541.(SCI)
  4. Yingnan Zhang, Xiangke Chang, Juan Hu, Xingbiao Hu and Hon-Wah Tam. "Integrable Discretization of Soliton Equations via Bilinear Method and Bäcklund Transformation"Science China Mathematics2014, 58(2):279-296.(SCI)
  5.  Yi He, Xingbiao Hu, Hon-Wah Tam, Yingnan Zhang. "A new method to generate nonautonomous discrete integrable systems via convergence acceleration algorithms"European Journal of Applied Mathematics(2015)(SCI)
  6. Luc Vinet, Guo-Fu Yu and Ying-Nan Zhang.“On an integrable system related to the relativistic Toda lattice-B¨acklund transformation and integrable discretization” Journal of Difference Equations and Applications, 2015, 21(5): 403-417 (SCI)