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Yuehong Sun Associate Professor


Educational Background

  • PhD, Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System, Nanjing University of Science & Technology (2011)
  • MA, Computational Mathematics, Nanjing University ofAeronautics and Astronautics (2001)
  • BA, Basic Mathematics, Nanjing Normal University (1999)


Research Interests

Intelligent optimization with its application and big data clustering analysis

Research Projects

  1. Ministry of Education in ChinaYouth Project of Humanities and Social Sciences. Study on the construction and utilization of the knowledge base of adverse drug reaction(Grant No.12YJCZH179),2012.2-2015.5, ¥70,000, No.1
  2. National Social Science Fund Youth Project.Interdisciplinary research based onclustering analysis(GrantNo.09CTQ022),2009.7-2011.3,¥80,000, No.2
  3. National Natural Science Foundation of China. Decomposition algorithms and Applications of theGeneralized Nash Equilibrium(GrantNo.11371197),2014.1-2017.12,¥620,000,No.4
  4. The Foundation of Jiangsu Key Lab for NSLSCS. Study on fast algorithms for nonconvex optimization problems and applications(Grant No.201601), 2016.1-2017.12 ,¥30,000, No.3

Journal Articles

  1. Wei Jianxiang, Zhu Yunxia, Sun Jun, Xu Houming, Li Ming and Sun Yuehong*. ADRVis: an Information Visualization Platform for Adverse DrugReactions. International Journal of u- and e- Service, Science and Technology.2015,8(10):139-150
  2. Sun Yuehong,Wei Jianxiang,Zhi Yunlong, Sun Jun, Xu Houming, Li Ming. Signal Detection and Early Warning Research of Random Incremental Sampling Adverse Drug Reactions.Chin. J. Pharmacoepidemiol, 2014, 23(5): 298-302
  3. Sun Yuehong, Wei Jianxiang, Xia Deshen.An Improved PSO Based on Diversity of Particle Symmetrical Distribution.Pattern Recognition & Artificial Intelligence, 2010,23(2):137-143
  4. Wang Jialing, Hu Benmu, Sun Yuehong*. An Artincial Bee Colony Clustering Algorithm Based on the Location Update Technology. Journal of Nanjing Normal University (Natural Science Edition), 2015, 38(4):95-102
  5. Sun Yuehong,Wei Jianxiang,Xia Deshen. Image Clustering Based on Mutual Information and Cluster Distances Optimum. Computer Engineering and Applications, 2011,47(34):199-202
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