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Nanjing Normal University School of Music

College introduction

Nanjing Normal University School of Music, located at the Suiyuan Campus, “the Most Beautiful Campus of the Orient”, is one of the cradles of contemporary Chinese music education. It is among a few of the schools which cultivate doctors majoring in Chinese music education, history of Chinese music, and Chinese music performance. It has an excellent tradition of discipline construction, and supported by liberal arts resources from Nanjing Normal University, it also aims to build a platform for cultivating comprehensive artistic talents.


                                                                                   Message from the Dean

Scholarship concerns one’s mind, not his fame or wealth. It enriches one’s heart, making it vibrant by filling thoughts. A fulfilled and blissful life lies in an exceedingly rich inner world.

Name:   Xu Yuanyong;   Birthplace: Sichuan, Langzhong, China.

Job titles : Professor of Chinese musical history; Member of the Academic Degree Commission of the State Council on the subject of "music and dance music";

Education:  PhD of Shanghai Conservatory of Music; Master of Tianjin Conservatory of Music; Bachelor of Sichuan Conservatory of Music; Visiting scholar, University of the Arts in Tokyo, Japan.

Research work: Presided over the following projects, including the project of the National Social Science Fund , National Social Science Fund on Art Project Planning, bidding projects of major Social Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province, Ancient Books Collation Commission,  the start-up fund on the outstanding  post for the returnees from Ministry of Education and a number of other research projects.
Scholarly monographs: The Studies of Chinese Ancient Music History;

The Rheological Study of Folk Songs in the Ming and Qing Dynasties;

The History of Ancient Chinese Music; Basic knowledge on Chinese and Foreign Pop Music; The Comparative Study between Chinese and Japanese Music Culture; The Performance of Popular Songs Course;

The Art Research of Performance on Popular Songs ----studies on one of the singing skills; The Instruction of Musical Performance on Classic Tracks  etc.

Hundreds of his journals, published on the music world authoritative journals such as Chinese Music, the Central Conservatory of Music Journal, Music Research, Music and Art, People's Music, Huang Zhong(Journal of Wuhan Conservatory of Music,China), Symphonic, Music Exploration and other academic papers.

Recent award: The monograph entitled The Studies of Chinese Ancient Music History got the academic prize---- the outstanding achievements (HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES) of scientific research of colleges and universities for the year of 2015 by the Ministry of Education.