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Academic Events

Famous musicians in Jiangsu series——Dr. Yang Xiang “The Practice of the Chinese Musicology under the Historical Anthropology”

The school of music was proud to present the seminar of famous musicians in Jiangsu series, entitled “The Practice of the Chinese Musicology under the Historical Anthropology” by Dr. Yang Xiang. The seminar was on Friday, March 29, 2019, 10:30am at Chen Hong Concert Hall in Nanjing Normal University.


Yang Xiang, PhD, his research focuses on Chinese music history, musicology, ethnomusicology, archaeology of music, and so on. He had numerous publishments including books and articles in various significant journals. Dr. Xiang is currently working at the Chinese National Academy of Arts. He also severs as the main editor of the Musicology in China, the chairperson of the Chinese Musicians’ Association, the associate director of the Musicology Committee, and the judge of several principle competitions.   

The seminar included the discussion of the historical anthropology and historical ethnomusicology, the practice of the historical anthropology, and the analysis of the historical character. At the end of the seminar, there was a discussion section. Dr. Xiang answered the questions and exchanged the academic experiences with all audiences.