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Academic Events

Famous musicians in Jiangsu series——Mr. Yijie Shi: “The Theory and Practice of Singing”

The school of music was proud to present the seminar of famous musicians in Jiangsu series, entitled “The Theory and Practice of Singing” by Mr. Yijie Shi. The seminar was on Friday, April 1, 2019, 1:30pm at Sui Yuan Concert Hall in Nanjing Normal University. 


Born in Shanghai, Mr. Shi graduated with honors at Toho College of Music in Tokyo (Japan). After he earned the fellowship offered by Toho Postgraduate School of Music, he went to Europe and continued his studies, in Graz, and won several international vocal competitions. Mr. Shi performs frequently, and he is currently the professor of the music school at Hunan Normal University. He also serves as the adjunct professor of Shanghai Normal University, the visiting professor of the Wuhan Conservatory of Music, Xi’an Conservatory of Music, and Sichuan Conservatory of Music, and the distinguished Professor of Toho College of Music. 

At the beginning of the seminar, Mr. Shi provided audiences with a few points to enhance their singing techniques. First, recordings and videos are important materials to expand the vision of the professional field. Through observing the similarities and differences between various performances, one can inspect their way of singing and further enhance the singing skills. Moreover, listening music is able to cultivate the ability of the aesthetic. Second, Mr. Shi indicated that everyone should increase the knowledge not only in music but also in the real life. The experiences and knowledge are significant resources to support one’s singing skills and performances. Third, Mr. Shi suggested students to be patient to read the music score carefully and avoid being anxious for success.