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Academic Events

National University Music Education Professional Cultivate Conference successfully held


   The National University Music Education Professional Cultivate Conference was held on 21st November 2017 in school of music at Nanjing Normal University, in order to implement the propose of strengthening and improving the schools’ aesthetic education from State Council office, aiming to innovate the talents training mode, improve the quality of talent cultivation and optimize the teaching staff, which can be satisfied by the basic education curriculum innovation. This conference was directed by the Art Education Committee of Ministry of Education, undertaken by Nanjing Normal University(NNU), Northeast Normal University(NENU), Capital Normal University(CNU), Hunan Normal University(HUNNU) and Fujian Normal University(FJNU). The director Lijun Wan, who is from the Department of Physical, Health and Arts Education, participated in the conference and delivered an important speech. Moreover, Deputy Director-General of Education Department Weiguo Zhu, and the vice-chancellor Kangsheng Fu attended the meeting, which was presided over by the dean of School of Music, Yuanyong Xu of our university.

   ‘Nanjing Normal University has paid high attention to music education talents, and has actively explored the new educational model’, said by the vice-chancellor Kangsheng Fu. The university has made great efforts to improve the level of running-school, as well as cultivated a majority of highly-qualified university teachers and music management talents on the premise of ‘mass enrollment, separate cultivation’, and the support by the leaders of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education.

   As Weiguo Zhu pointed in the speech, in order to carry out the request in the third plenary session of the 18th CPC central committee to improve the aesthetic education, the focus of the art education of Jiangsu Normal Normal Colleges is on practice, laying foundation and upgrading the schooling levels. The university seeks to improve the education of talents and to create Jiangsu education brand. 

   The duty director Lijun Wan said in the opening ceremony that after 19th meeting of our party, there has been a fever of people around the country to learn the spirit of it. We have rethought the development of art academies according to the request of Mnister Baosheng Chen, who advocates to learn, to teach, to pass forward, to be strict, to do it, and to be true. Wan delivered important speech on the request of reforming the art education, on the objectives of cultivating art talents and on the new level of the major of music education.

   After the opening ceremony, many great figures laid speeches, including Lian Liu—dean of the art institute of NENU, Meng Cai—vice- dean of art institute of CNU, Liping Zi—vice dean of art institute of HUNNU, Zhou Wang—vice dean of art institute of FJNU, and Yuanyong Xu—dean of art institute of our university.

   In the afternoon, 45 leaders and course directors shared their experience on the education of art in two conference rooms. 

   This seminar strengthened the communication among different universities, indicated the cultivation of art talents and enhanced our confidence to stick to the discipline construction of art. The seminar attracted 152 learders and course directors from 75 universities in 27 provinces, cities and autonomous regions.