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Academic Events

Prof. Zhao Huan Has Perfectly Completed His Tasks as a Visiting Scholar in the U.S.

   With a grant by “Special Project for Artists” of China Scholarship Council, Prof. Zhao Huan went to Valparaiso University as a visiting scholar in August, 2017. Now he has perfectly completed his four-month study in the U.S. and returned to China.

   Valparaiso University has a long history and is well-known for high-quality education. Under the guidance of Prof. Dennis Friesen-Carper, famous conductor and pianist, Zhao Huan systematically studied string methods and orchestra conducting, and observed the teaching of sting-instruments and orchestra performance in elementary schools and high schools in Chicago. By teaching Erhu to American students, he introduced Chinese music and Erhu in the U.S. He also surveyed the music education at Valparaiso University by means of attending classes and interviewing teachers and students to achieve a further understanding of the curriculum and philosophy of music education in Valparaiso University and schools in the Chicago area.

                                                   Giving lessons to students at VU to introduce Erhu

                                                                Giving lessons to Students in Chicago Area

                                                                     Rehearsing with UNLV Orchestra

   During his stay in the U.S. Prof. Zhao Huan took part in important performances, including Erhu concerto Honghu Lake with Valparaiso University Orchestra and Erhu Solo The Moon Reflected in the Erquan Spring and Dance of the Golden Snake at Great Lakes Music Festival. The performance at Millennium Park Hall is the debut of Chinese artists to show Chinese culture to the world and reinforce the friendship between China and the U.S. Prof. Zhao Huan’s excellent skills won applause from presses both home and abroad. After the wonderful concert, Mr. Hong Lei, Consul General of China at Chicago, said, “The Concert is a great combination and great presentation of Chinese artists and American artists. Nothing can be more encouraging and nothing can be more capable of showing the deep friendship between China and the U.S.” On September 17th, 2017, Prof. Zhao Huan was invited to perform with South Shore Orchestra and presented to the audience at Opera House an unforgettable piece Oblivion. The American audience were impressed by his performance of Erhu: although this piece is adapted from Violin version, it is perfectly presented by traditional Chinese music.

   Invited by Nevada University at Las Vagas, Prof. Zhao Huan gave three lectures to introduce Chinese instruments and music. Through performing traditional works and modern works of Erhu, he helped American students to feel the music more vividly and his excellent skills also impressed everyone there. On November 21st, 2017, he collaborated with the university orchestra at UNLV Hall to perform well-known Erhu pieces Qiao Family House·Love and Horse Racing. In the thunderous applause of the audience, he encored with A Beautiful Night. Besides lectures and performances, Prof. Zhao Huan gave classes for American students to experience Chinese instruments and feel the unique charm of Chinese music.

   Before Prof. Zhao Huan returned to China, Prof. Meng Jianyun, Director of Confucius Institute at Valparaiso University, said, “I must express my heartfelt gratitude to Prof. Zhao Huan. During the four months when he is here with us, he builds a bridge to introduce Chinese culture, which greatly benefits our students. I hope he will come here again!”( Words by Shen Yuying , Photos by Ye Junpeng )

                              With Prof. Richard Miller and Dr. Nancy J. Uscher, Dean of the College of Fines Arts at UNLV

                                                                      Performing with VU Orchestra

                                                                   With Mr. Hong Lei, Consul General at Chicago

                              Performing with “SILK CEDAR” founded by Prof. Liu Yuening of Central Observatory of Music

                                                                   Performing with SSO at Opera House

                                                                    Teaching at Oliver Morton High School

                                                                          Giving Lectures at UNLV

                                                                                 Conducting VU Orchestra