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Academic Events

The 43th seminar of famous musicians in Jiangsu series,entitled “The Approach and Principle of Compiling Music Teaching Materials” by Ms. Yunhui Mo

The school of music was proud to present the 3rd seminar of the research of the music textbooks and pedagogy in China, entitled “The Approach and Principle of Compiling Music Teaching Materials” by Ms. Yunhui Mo, the president of the People’s Music Publishing House.



The seminar was on December 16, 2019, 9:00am at B313 Conference Hall in Nanjing Normal University. The Participants include Dr. Yuanyong Xu, the Dean of the School of Music, Mr. Yuyu Zhang, the Head of the Piano Department, Mr. Jie Chen, the Head of theVocal Department, Dr. Xinkun Chen, the Head of the Musicology Department, Ms. Ning Wu, the Head of the the Dance Department, and graduate and undergraduate students.  

Ms. Mo studied at the School of Music of Nanjing Normal University in 1977. With her experiences and the teaching cases, she concluded that teaching contents were more important than approaches. To pay attention to the teaching contents, it is important to analyze, learn, and comprehend teaching materials. Ms. Mo applied the High School Textbook--Music to demonstrate the national policies and curriculum standers. She indicated that the selection, edition, compiling, and the cover of this book all followed the policies and curriculum standers. Ms. Mo not only lead all audiences to meet an entire new world in compiling music teaching materials, but also provided all students with significant experiences to analyzing. Moreover, the seminar aided students to write a stander teaching materials, had a proper attitude to teach music, and stimulated the interests of research in music textbooks and pedagogy.