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Academic Events

The Guest Artist Master Class: Yijie Shi

“The Guest Artist Master Class: Yijie Shi” was on Friday, April 1, 2019, 3pm at Sui Yuan Concert Hall in Nanjing Normal University. The participants included the secretary, dean, directors, professors, and students of the school of music.


There were four students involved in the master class: Jie Lu, Jinyi Chen, Ke Ma, and Lian Wang. Mr. Shi were patient and provided all students with helpful and useful suggestions, such as controlling the direction of the air while singing and choosing the proper spot of breathing. Furthermore, he emphasized the importance of reading the music scores and understanding the differences between slide and legato. In the master class, Mr. Shi not only aided students to improve their pronunciations, including German, Italian, and Spanish, but also discussed the method of practicing the difficult lyrics. For every participant, this master class was an unforgettable lesson.