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Academic Events

The National Seminar on the Series of the Core Courses Textbooks

The National Seminar on the Series of the Core Courses Textbooks was held on May 27, 2020, 2:30pm at B313 Conference Hall in Nanjing Normal University. The participants included the president of Shanghai Music Publishing House (SMPH) Mr. Weiyao Fei, Ms. Bei Gong, Ms. Junjie Yu, the dean Yuanyong Xu, and the faculties of the School of Music of Nanjing Normal University.


Mr. Fei Weiyao, graduated from Shanghai conservatory in 1989, is currently serving as the president of SMPH. His has earned titles of "Young and Middle-aged Experts with Outstanding Contributions to The National Press and Publication Industry" (2004), "The Outstanding Leader in Shanghai", "The Outstanding Leader of the National Press and Publication industry" (2007), and "Shanghai Publisher Award" (2012).

In the seminar, the faculties of the School of Music and President Fei Weiyao conducted in-depth discussions, including the ideas on the textbooks of the core courses in music and the innovation of the music discipline. The faculties also introduced the outline of the textbooks, such as Music English, the series teaching material of Chinese Red Music History, the outline of Piano Collective Course, and the Singing Style and the Vocalization. According to the outline and the idea of each teaching material, President Fei Weiyao provided suggestions on the compilation of teaching materials by integrating disciplines and technology, and put forward the new situation of publishing teaching materials by using all-media integration. He also indicated that teaching materials may include extended materials and teaching plans to provide the readers with a convenient way to search information and to use in the class. At the end of the seminar, President Fei and Dean Xu both expressed their gratitude.