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Academic Events

The Research of the Music Textbooks and Pedagogy in China--Seminar II

The 2nd seminar of the research of the music textbooks and pedagogy in China was held on December 14, 2019, 9am at B313 Conference Hall in Nanjing Normal University. Dr. Renhao Yu had the conversation with the doctoral students Yizhi Xi, Mu Zhang, and Dongni Wang to discuss the present situation of the music textbooks and pedagogy in China based on the lecture “Editing and Publishing Music Teaching Materials.”

 In the seminar, doctoral students actively participated in discussions and came up with several questions, including “How does textbooks to enhance students’ cultural confidence?” “Could you talk about the catalog of textbooks, which are published by Central Conservatory of Music Press?” “What are the differences between the normal universities’ teaching materials and conservatories’ textbooks?” “Is there any textbook can be used both in the normal universities and conservatories? And what is the stander to compile this kind of textbook?” “How to improve the high schools’ music textbooks?”

Based on the above questions, Dr. Yu indicated that he has participated the meeting of formulating the music curriculum stander. He believes that singing is the requirement of music classes; however, the majority of schools pay attention to music appreciation. Speak to the normal universities’ teaching materials and conservatories’ textbooks, Dr. Yu stated that there were some similarities between these music materials. For instance, the normal universities and conservatory both include Chinese Music History, Western Music History, piano lessons, and group piano, but the contents may be different.  

In addition, Dr. Yu answered the principle and the stander of compiling the music teaching materials. First, it is important to follow the policy to write the music textbooks. Then, the writers should collect the works composed by the significant influential scholars, and the last is to consider the popularity of the book. At the end of the seminar, the participants focused on the English textbooks for music students, recruitment of music students, and curriculum in the music schools. Dr. Yu concluded that to write and publish music teaching materials, it is important to set the educational objective the attainment of a balanced development of a person.