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Academic Events

The Research of the Music Textbooks and Pedagogy in China--Seminar III

The 3rd seminar of the research of the music textbooks and pedagogy in China was held on December 16, 2019, 9am at B313 Conference Hall in Nanjing Normal University. Ms. Yunhui Mo had the conversation with the doctoral students Yizhi Xi, Mu Zhang, and Dongni Wang to discuss the approach of analyzing, learning, and comprehending teaching materials on the lecture “The Approach and Principle of Compiling Music Teaching Materials.” The Dean of the School of Music Dr. Yuanyong Xu and numerous graduate and undergraduate students participated in this seminar.  



In the seminar, doctoral students actively participated in discussions and came up with several questions, including “How do editors select the repertoire to include in the music textbooks?” “Could you tell us the reason of choosing Guitar and Orchestra to include in the Performance section?” “What is the definition of the music textbook?” “Do you count the collection of the songs as the music textbook?” “How many music textbooks are published by People’s Music Publishing House?” “What is the stander of selecting repertoire?” “How to design a music textbook to meet the individual differences?” “What is the relation between the textbooks used in elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools?” In addition, “Which music textbook is printed most?” Dean Xu added.

Based on the above questions, Ms. Mo indicated that there were eighty percent schools use Music Appreciation, than Singing, and some of schools apply Theater; however, Dance and Composition are the less. Moreover, she introduced the 2019 version of music textbooks, and stated that the majority of schools select Music Appreciation as their core course. At the end of the seminar, Ms. Mo encouraged researchers to pay attention to analyze, learn, and comprehend all music textbooks. She is looking forward to seeing the result of the research of the music textbooks and pedagogy in China.