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The Rheological Study of Folk Songs

The Rheological Study of Folk Songs in the Ming and Qing Dynasties is an academic masterpiece combining Chinese music historical studyand Chinese traditional music, and is also a work studying the origin, flourishment and transformation of folk songs in Ming and Qing dynasties. What’s more, the book elaborates on its historical changing trail. This book clearly analyzes and academically defines the concept of folk songs in the Ming and Qing dynasties,also,the book clarifies its developing  venation, which includes the transformation in Chinese folk songs, the spread and variation in Chinese Shuochang music, the development and variation in Japan,etc. Probing into Ming and Qing's folk song has realistic meanings not only in the research of humanistic environment  and historical values of Ming and Qing dynasties, but also  in the study of roots of today's secular ideas.