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Lin Deng Professor

Academic Area: 
Music Education

NameLin Deng


Education Background

M.A.         Department of Music   Nanjing Normal University           (1984)


Research Interest: Music Education

Research Project:Scientific Method in Education – Develop the potential of Children and Teenagers

Journal Articles:

1. Deng, Lin (2000): "The invoking of muse ", in China Music Education, Volume 8, People’s Music Publishing House.

2. Deng, Lin (2001): "The exploration of teaching activities in singing class", in China Music Education, Volume 11, People’s Music Publishing House.

3. Deng, Lin (2004): "Knowing the culture behind music genres and styles ", in China Music Education, Volume 1, People’s Music Publishing House.

4. Deng, Lin (2009): "The concept and education of music in African Culture and Language ", in China Music Education, Volume 6, People’s Music Publishing House.

5. Deng, Lin (2011): "Think of the minorities music education in mainstream culture ", in National Music, Volume 4.


The development of infants’ artistic sensibility

Honors and Awards:

1st Place in Third Prize - National Artistic Education Thesis Competition (2013)

1st Place in Second Prize - National Artistic Education ThesisCompetition(2009)

1st Place in Third Prize - National Artistic Education ThesisCompetition(2004)

Academic Title

Professor of Music Education

Member of Jiangsu Province Music Education Council