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Ling Jiang Professor


Name:Ling Jiang

Title:Professor\Master Supervisor

Educational Background:

Secondary Vocational School Education:The Chinese People’s Liberation Army Nanjing military region literature and art professional students’ team(1970-1973)

Three-year College Education:The Chinese People’s Liberation Army Nanjing Political College(1988-1991)

Bachelor Degree: The Chinese People’s Liberation Army Nanjing Political College(1999-2002)


Research Interests:Dance Education\Jiangsu Folk Dance

Research Projects:

Key subject construction project: "Jiangsu local music and dance culture research - Jiangsu folk dance and music cultural heritage of the resources and development and utilization of resources" (2011 – 2013)

Teaching reform project "Jiangsu folk dance resources research and application in Colleges and universities" (2007 - 2010 )

Teaching reform demonstration course construction project "folk dance" (2010 - 2013 )

Journal Articles:

"Dynamic characteristics of the Jiangsu folk dance culture protection" 2011,Dance

"The problems and Countermeasures of dance education in kindergarten"  2012 ,Early Education

"With the heart understanding the rhyme and charm of dancing" 2012 ,Jiangsu Education

"The Research on the dance culture of the south of the Yangtze River-To unscramble the performance called Yi Jiangnan"2012, Zhejiang Vocational Academy of Art

"In the "big dance" cultural concept highlights the Jiangsu regional dance culture"  2008 ,Journal of Beijing Dancing Academy

" On the realistic significance of Wu Xiaobang's new dance art educational thought", 2009, Hundred Schools In Arts

"Dance as a human teacher, Behavior as the model of the world " 2004 ,Journal of Beijing Dancing Academy

"The mobilization of students' aesthetic psychology in the process of art education", 2005, Jiangsu higher education

"Jiangnan dance -- heart side of the pure land green water"\ "Jiangnan dance dynamic cultural perspective and multicultural heritage" 2013,Jiangnan Dance Art


"Dance appreciation" Editor, Shanghai Education Press, 2010

"Dance Course" Editor, Hehai University press, 2008

Honors and Awards:

"-- Research on the development model of the professional development model of dance education in Higher Education", the second prize of the art education thesis of the Ministry of education, 2009

"-- Research on the development model of higher education professional development model" -- the first prize of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of education in the art education papers ,2008

"Zhengming and bianzheng",the third prize of the art education thesis of the Ministry of education,2005

" The dance education in the higher education under the humanistic care ",the excellent prize of National College Dance Education Forum ,2006

"The place I grew up" dance work,the first prize of National University art performance group ,2009

"The place I grew up" dance work ,the special award of Jiangsu province university art performance professional group award ,2008

"The place I grew up" dance work,  silver of the seventh of  Chinese "Lotus Award" campus’ dance contest , 2010

"My father my mother",the Excellent Coach Award of the Ten Best of Jiangsu Provincial Federation of "Lotus Award" of the second young dancers competition ,2009

"The dance education in Higher Education -- the characteristics of Chinese folk dance teaching "the first prize of Jiangsu Provincial Education Office ,2011

Academic Title:

A member of Chinese Dancers’ Association

The dance education of Chinese Educational Association Specialized Committee

Vice chairman of Jiangsu province Dancers’ Association

Director of Jiangsu primary and secondary school music and dancing educational  research association

Associate Professor of Music Institute of Nanjing Normal University

Vice chairman of Nanjing Dancers’ Association