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Ning Wu Professor


Name:Ning Wu

Title:First Grade Choreographer

Educational background

  BA, Choreography, Beijing Dancing Academy


Research Interests

Local dancing in south of Yangzhi River

Research Projects

High Art Entering Campus (Jiangsu Province)

Journal Articles

On “Marching TogetherDance, August 2002

Honors and Awards

Dance Marching Together, Gold medal for choreography of the Third Lotus Award for National Dance Competition, 2002

Dance Rainy Lane in a Small Town, Gold Medal for Best Choreography Award of the Fifth Lotus Award for National Dance Competition, 2005

Dance Drama The Peony Pavilion, Gold medal for works of art and the first Prize for choreography of the Seventh Lotus Award for National Dance Competition, 2009

Dance On the way, Top 10 Works of art pf CCTV Dance Competition, 2011

Dance Dinner of Chinese New Year’s Eve in Army, Prize for best works of art at Tenth China art Festival, 2015

Academic Title

Council member of Nanjing Dancers Association