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Xiaowei Li Associate Professor


Name: Xiaowei Li

Title: Associate Professor

Educational Background: Master of Arts, Composition Department of the Central Conservatory of Music (2000)

Primary research: the teaching of Sightsinging and Ear Training. Li has six textbooks which are written independently or by co-edit way, including Ear Training, Sightsinging, Sightsinging with the Piano, Sightsinging and Ear Training in 100 days, Into the Music Hall, Music Theory and Listening for the Jiangsu Music Grading Test. Li also has some articles published in academic journals such as Journal of Nanjing Arts Instiute, Journal of China conservatory of Music, ect. They are The Logic and Methods in the Re-creation of Rhythm, Factors that Affect the Expression of Music, Respect for Individual Differences in Teaching of Sightsinging and Ear Training, Multi Angle in Ear Training, ect.