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Yue Cao Professor


Name: Cao Yue  

Title: Full Professor  

Member of Chinese Musicians Association 

Member of Pipa Association of China

Vice president of the Jiangsu Association of the Pipa  

Educational Background: Nanjing Arts Institute [1989]


Research Interest :The Pipa and Guzheng playing and teaching  

Research Projects: In 1998, China's Jiangsu Provincial Committee of education, the humanities and social sciences research special task project: "on twenty-first Century the development trend of Teacher Education in normal education" 

Journal Articles: Published more than 10 articles, the representative has: "Jiangnan culture and Jiangnan music -- and Discussion on the Jiangnan Pipa definition" (published in Taipei National University of the Arts College of the Capital Journal) and " Pipa's poetry and poetic" (published in the "people's music") and "aesthetic experience system and pipa playing thinking" (published in "Chinese music"). 


Books: "Pipa playing and teaching" (Nanjing Normal University press, 2008.04), "Pipa" practical teaching materials (Higher Education Press, 2002.8), published three solo album

Honors and Awards: Won the Jiangsu Province, the second session of the music and Dance Festival first prize in 1991, 1993 won the Chinese national instrumental music Invitational Pipa solo first prize and in 1995 won the "freestone" cup, award of excellence in the Chinese national instrumental music solo competition. In 1998 won the Jiangsu Province, culture and the Arts "Jasmine" award of Jiangsu Provincial Education Commission trials first prize and in 1996 won the honorary title of "outstanding young backbone teacher" of Nanjing Normal University, in 1999 won the China Jiangsu Province "Jasmine" prize for literature and art, in 2003 won the Jiangsu Province fifth dance music festival's top prize. Has to organize or participate in dozens of performances, there are "Cao master Graduation Concert" (1989.6), "Cao Yue solo concert" (1991.5), "Zijin Mountain theatre concert" (1998.11), "Cao Yue solo concert" (2000.3), "international exchange concert" (2000.11), "world the visiting professor at the concert" (2000.12), "China and South Korea -- Pipa music exchange - gayageum concert" (2001.12), "spring snow - Chinese National Concert" (2002.9), "the high - Cao month Pipa solo concert" (2002.4), the first China Wuxi Taihu International Exhibition (2003.10), Chinese folk music the soul of large national instrumental music pictures (2006.11). 2000.9 from China, Nanjing Normal University delegation went to Keimyung university work, communication, learning, visited Singapore, Germany, France, Austria, Belgium and other countries to perform.