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Zambian students embark on a journey of Chinese music

Zambian students embark on a journey of Chinese music

On September 18th, 2016, a welcoming ceremony, jointly organized by NNU Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges and School of Music, was held for these 11 China Scholarship Council (CSC) Zambian students specializing in music.

Chinese Government Scholarship Program for Zambian Students specializing in music is promoted by governments of both China and Zambia. After an active declaration, NNU is selected by Ministry of Education (MOE) and CSC for the first time as a professional training institute for this program, which embodies that NNU School of Music has been accepted by MOE and CSC for its talent training quality. In September 2016, CSC designates 11 Zambian students to our School of Music for one-year study.

At the ceremony, Dean of School of Music, Prof. Yuanyong Xu, on behalf of the school, showed his warm welcome and made specific study requirements to the students. Prof. Xu indicated that School of Music would conscientiously fulfill the task appointed by MOE and CSC. Besides the existing professional courses, the school would work out a training plan specially for these 11 Zambian students, offering professional courses catering for their professional levels and directions of music, thus enhancing their music attainments. During the training program, School of Music would attach great importance to cultivating and improving their ability of interpreting and appreciating Chinese art and folk music so as to deepen their perception of Chinese culture.

Later, both Chinese and Zambian students presented wonderful performances. Students from School of Music played traditional Chinese folk music instruments, “zheng” and “erhu”, while Zambian students sang a chorus characterized by typical African style.

To undertake this program will not only propagate traditional Chinese art, but also help to enhance NNU’s international influence, presenting our capacity of artistic talents training.