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Dean's Welcome

If you are interested in why the physical universe is the way it is, you are welcome to join the School of Physics Science & Technology. Here, you will learn the nature of matter and energy, from subatomic particles to the far reaches of the universe; you will learn many developments in technology including lasers, transistors, magnetic resonance imaging, and even the world wide web; you will learn how an understanding of physics forms the basis for explaining many phenomena in other natural sciences, all of which ultimately are based on physics. Here, you can take a variety of generalized and specialized courses to meet your own interests. Many of you will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with faculty doing exciting research at the forefront of physics science and tchnology.

We welcome highly qualified and motivated scholars and researchers from across the country and abroad to join our faculty team.  I believe that you will display your talent for our school and our school will endeavor to fulfill your dreams.

Shouping Nie
Professor of Physics
Dean, School of Physics and Technology