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Academic Events

Associate researcher Chen Wang from Zhejiang Normal University Came to Our University for Academic Exchange

On August 23th, 2019, at the invitation of Quantum Thermal Transport and Energy Science Group, Associate researcher Chen Wang from Department of Physics, Zhejiang Normal University, give a speech about “Quantum heat transfer and nonequilibrium effects in spin-boson systems”. The speech was chaired by Prof. Zhang Lifa, Dean of the School of Physical Science and Technology.

The speech was held at 10:00 am in lecture hall 437 of Xingjian Building. Relevant teachers and graduate students attended the academic lecture. A.R. Chen Wang reported on the microscopic mechanism of system-environment coupling for steady-state heat flow, negative differential thermal conduction, and thermal amplification. He detailed the application of NE-PTRE combined with full counting statistical method in models such as thermal unbalanced spin-Bose model and three-port driving system model. After the speech, A.R. Chen Wang answered the questions raised by teachers and students in detials.

A.R. Chen Wang 's resume:

Wang Chen, associate researcher, Department of Physics, Zhejiang Normal University. In 2013, he received his Ph.D. degree in Physics from Zhejiang University. From July 2013 to December 2014, he worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the Research Center of Singapore-Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is mainly engaged in the theoretical research of non-equilibrium energy transfer of non-equilibrium spin-bose system and light-substance interaction system. Up to now, he has published nearly 20 research papers.