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Academic Events

Introduction to Nonrelativistic QCD

Title:  Introduction to Nonrelativistic QCD

Speaker: Ruilin ZHU

Abstract:  I will take an introduction to the nonrelativistic QCD effective theory, which is a powerful factorization theory for the production and decay of heavy quarkonium and Bc meson. In this talk, I will first review the general properties of the heavy quarkonium family. And then introduce the history of the nonrelativistic QCD effective theory including the color singlet model, color evaporation model, and color octet mechanism.  I will detail  the nonrelativistic QCD Lagrangian, the velocity scale rules, the four fermion interaction operators,  the long distance matrix elements, the matching between QCD and nonrelativistic QCD.  Two examples including the relativistic corrections and Strong coupling corrections are discussed in the end. 

Time: PM 1:30-3:30, Sep. 26th, 2017

Locaaton: Room 436, Xing-jian Building