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Phonons 2018 & PTES 2018 Joint Conference

Phonons 2018 & PTES 2018 Joint Conference

Hosted by

School of Physics and Technology, Nanjing Normal University

The Joint Conference of the 16th International Conference on Phonon Scattering in Condensed Matter (Phonons 2018) and the 4th International Conference on Phononics and Thermal Energy Science (PTES 2018). Phoonons 2018 is the latest in the series of conferences which take place nominally every three years. The two previous conferences were held in Ann Arbor, USA in 2012 and Nottingham, UK in 2015. The conference of PTES takes place every two years, the three previous ones were successfully held in Shanghai (PTES2013, PTES2014) and Xi'an (PTES2016).

The joint international conference of Phonons 2018 & PTES 2018 will cover the following topics but not limited in  (1) phonon/heat transport (2) electron-phonon interaction (3) phonon-photon interaction (4) quantum heat engine  (5) optomechanics (6) phononic/thermal metamaterials (7) nonlinear phonon (8) topological phonons (9) Chiral phonons (10) phonon applications in quantum technologies (11) new phonon techniques, materials and phenomena.

The conference will have 7 plenary lectures on key areas of current phonon/heat research, 28 invited lectures on significant recent developments and 104 selected contributed talks and a number of posters. There will be special prizes for the best and most deserving posters.