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Academic Events

Prof. Baowen Li (member of Academy of Europaea) Came to Our School for Academic Exchanges

At the invitation of the Center for Quantum Thermal Transport and Energy Science, School of Physics Science and Technology, Nanjing Normal University, Professor Baowen Li, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Colorado, Boulder, made a wonderful report on the theme of “Anomalous phonon/heat transport in low dimensional micro/nano systems: From basic research to real applications” at 10:00 am on April 30, 2019. The report was chaired by Professor Lifa Zhang, Dean of the School of Physical Science and Technology.

The report was held on time in the West Hall of Jingwen Library, and the relevant teachers and graduate students attended the academician report.

Professor Baowen Li reported on some research progress and practical application of anomalous heat/phonon transport behavior in low-dimensional micro/nano systems, and discussed the underlying physical mechanism of three main types of anomalous heat/phonon transport behavior: heat conduction due to phonons does not follow the Fourier law, thermal rectification phenomenon and negative differential heat resistance phenomenon. The relevant research results have extensive guiding significance in the field of anomalous heat/phonon transmission, laying a solid foundation for the emerging field - Phononics. After the report, Professor Baowen Li gave a detailed answer to the questions raised by the teachers and students. 

Prof. Baowen Li's resume:

Dr. Li received B. S from Nanjing University, M. Sci from Institute of Acoustics, the Chinese Academy of Science, and Ph. D from Oldenburg University, Germany in 1985, 1989 and 1992, respectively. He joined National University of Singapore (NUS) as assistant professor in 2000, and become full professor in 2007 and worked there until 2014. He has been 2014/2015 Russell Severance Springer Professor at Department of Mechanical Engineering, UC Berkeley.  In August 2015, he joined Department Mechanical Engineering, University of Colorado Boulder as the Rennie Family Endowed Professor. 

He is one of the pioneers in an emerging field – Phononics. He has authored and co-authored over 330 papers including 2 in Rev. Mod. Phys and 30 in Phys Rev. Lett. Delivered more than 220 plenary, keynote, invited/seminar talks. He is APS fellow (2013), and recipient of numerous awards including 2005 National Science Award, Singapore, and 2005 OCPA’s (International Organization of Chinese Physicists and Astronomers) Asia Achievement Award and 2014/2015 Springer Professorship at University of California, Berkeley. 2017 Brillouin Medal from International Phononics Society. He is selected member of Academy of Europaea since 2017.

His currently research activities include but not limited to: fundamental theory and measuring techniques of phonon/heat transport, phononic thermal devices, thermal metamaterials, topological phononics, quantum phononics, and complex networks etc.